【WRC 8】ポルトガル Fafe Rev QuickPlayの9勝目

【WRC 8】ポルトガル Fafe Rev QuickPlayの9勝目


WRC 8  Toyota Yaris #9 Win in Quick play in Portugal Fafe  reverse ポルトガル Fafe 逆走








WRC 8 Toyota Yaris #9 Win in Quick play in Portugal Fafe reverse Portugal Fafe reverse run

It is the reverse run of Fafe who won last time.

I tried a couple of times and finished in 2nd place in 0.2 seconds, but I was taking a break for a while because the time did not increase.

This time, when I ran in a higher gear, I got first place despite some mistakes.

I’ve always wanted to accelerate in a lower gear,

In the case of gravel, if the gear is lower, the tire will spin and it will be slower.

I think the number one condition is probably within 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

This time, it was 3 minutes 27 seconds.